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Dont Reveal Too Much, Too Soon

July 15th, 2011

One simple mistake that many women tend to make on the first date, is that they reveal too much about themselves too soon. You want to keep a nice level of mystery so you keep them guessing at any given moment! The more questions they ask in their head about you, the more they will want to see you. Curiosity tends to get the better of men, so if you want to keep them attracted to you, definately dont reveal too much of yourself too soon! If you see it from the other side and imagine a guy who told you everything about himself, would your attraction towards him be as intense? For most women, I don’t think so. The saying “People want, what they can’t have” still rings true in this scenario. So all in all I would say, keep some mystery, and remember a desperate woman stands out like a sore thumb!

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